Guilin Local Flavor

Rice Noodles

Though Guilin serves a wide variety of delicious foods from all over the country, the rice noodle is no doubt the most famous one. If you ask a local in Guilin what is his favorite food, he may tell you “Guilin Rice Noodle”.


Local people in Guilin eat rice noodles for breakfast everyday, and some people even take rice noodles as formal and convenient dinners. More often than not, the Guilin people would formally introduce rice noodles to their friends from afar. If you want to have a good understanding of the lifestyle of the Guilin people, you must go to the rice noodle restaurants in the early morning, where you can see how the local people eat rice noodles.

The old-fashioned little restaurants along the streets are the places you can have authentic Guilin rice noodle at an extremely economic price. Themed noodles include vegetarian noodle, beef noodle, trio meat noodle, plain noodle or hot and sour noodle, along with various kinds of Noodle toppings, such as fried peanuts or soybeans, chopped green onions and thin slices of different kinds of meat. Looking around the restaurants, you may also find many fashionable young ladies and handsome young guys eating rice noodles in their business suits. Then you will feel closely the special charm of Guilin rice noodles!

Stone Carvings

Stone carvings left by the past ages can be found in all the mountains in Guilin. The stone carvings of the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) include calligraphic works, paintings and bas-relieves, of which many were the works by the celebrities in Chinese history.


Probably influenced by the art of stone carvings, the Guilin people show great interest in calligraphy and works of fine arts. Many pre-school children of Guilin won top prizes at the international competitions, and shops selling calligraphic works, paintings and arts and crafts can be seen everywhere in the city. Hence stone carvings in the scenic areas are important component parts of Guilin local culture. When doing sightseeing in Guilin, you could pay attention to those stone inscriptions.

Ethnic Culture

The counties in Guilin are home to different ethnic groups, and they still keep their own cultural traditions and festivals now. The stockade buildings of the Zhuangs, and the wind-and-rain bridges and drum towers of the Dongs are visual arts with ethnic characteristics, which have exerted a great influence on the culture of the Han people. The Flower Bridge in the Seven Star Park shows the features of the Dong architecture.


Guilin Travel Tips

The best time to visit Guilin is from April to October every year. Located in the subtropical zone, Guilin is a tourism city known for its natural scenery, with flowers all year round. It rarely snows in winter. The colorful and intriguing landscapes last until the end of October when osmanthus flowers are in full bloom.

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