Guilin Highlights

Guilin encapsulates the very essence of Eastern beauty: mystically faint hills and misty rivers almost forgotten but salvaged by the lonesome villager on his bamboo raft. Much has already been said or written in relation to this 1,000 years old tourist destination and rightly so. Guilin really does have an easy time promoting itself as it is in effect its own best advertisement. Here are some places that form the tip of the iceberg: the Lijiang River, the Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill (Wave-Subduing Hill), Folded Brocade Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Seven-Star Cave, Yangshuo County and Longji Terraced Fields, and so on.

Take a boat trip down the Li River

The most beautiful part of Guilin is Li River. You will sometimes doubt your own senses, is this natural scenery or a cunning landscape painting? However, at the same moment, the people at the sides have already treated you at part of the scenery in their eyes. Taking a boat trip down the Li River, you will see untainted beauty on both sides. Hill rise up from the flat ground, as the Li River flows around the foot of the hills. The reflection of landscape in water is another realm. The hills in water are clearer than ones on both banks. The hills seem like moving because of the flowing water. The postures of hills change continuously with the remotion of the boat. The water of Li River is unusual clear, and you can even see the craw trails of insect passing. And also, remember to take time to truly appreciate the Phoenix Tail Bamboo on the banks.

Li River

Strange caves and mystic stones

Apart from the mountainous landscapes and pretty water in Guilin, you will also have the opportunity to stumble upon strange caves and mystic stones. The mountains of Guilin rise from the ground abruptly and all project their own unique appearance, some look like the Big Dipper, some look like a protective screen, while others resemble elephants or maybe even a camel trotting across the desert. The river in Guilin flows like a silk ribbon flying in the wind, lingering between every mountain and garden. It is full of the beauty of poems and paintings.

The Camel Hill in Guilin Seven-Star Park

Yangshuo County

Guilin’s scenery is the best under heaven, while Yangshuo’s scenery is the best in Guilin. The locals are confident that all those who come to Guilin can not help but acknowledge the truth in this very emotive statement. The most beautiful scenic spots in the Lijiang River area, such as Nine-Horse Mural Hill, Green Lotus and Jade Bamboo Shoot, are all situated in Yangshuo, in addition to a large number of other places of interest, such as the picturesque Yulong River and Moon Hill. If you just want a leisure day in Yangshuo, relax yourself in one of the cafes in simple and unsophisticated old West Street.

Yulong River

Enjoy the shows of Impression Third Sister Liu

Impression Third Sister Liu is a huge outdoor performance with natural stage on water that you might have never seen or experienced before. It is the largest real landscape performance in the world with over more than 2 square kilometers natural stage on Li River and 12 mountain peaks as its background. Over 700 actors and actresses perform in the show, and the participants in the show are all locals. The venue for the performance is at the juncture of the Lijiang River and Tianjia River in Yangshuo County.

Impression Third Sister Liu

Ethnic groups and language environment

Apart from the special scenery, Guilin is also an area where lots of Ethnic Minorities can be found. In Guilin you will easily come into contact with people whose heritage belongs to the Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Miao and Dong ethnic minorities. The vast majority of these ethnic groups have stayed true to their simple lifestyle and customs, some are colourful while others are more conservative in appearance. You can enjoy the various ethnic pageants at the Lijiang Folk Custom Centre.

Lijiang Folk Custom Centre

Guilin local food

Of course, a wonderful journey can never be complete without tasting some delicious local food. Varied cuisine is aplenty in Guilin, and the most notably one is “Guilin Rice Noodles”, which has a traceable history of over 1,000 years. Beer fish, a famous dish of Yangshuo, is another delicacy that you should try when you come here, as well as the Ginger duck and Fried River Snail, yummy!!

Guilin Rice Noodles

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