Guilin Golf Tour

Guilin is famous for its green mountains, beautiful rivers, wonderful caves, fantastic rocks and unique natural landscape. After appreciating the beautiful landscape, you can enjoy your golf in Guilin. Its golf courses also boast beautiful scenery.

Guilin Merryland Golf Club

Guilin Merryland Golf Club boasts the largest golf course in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the most characteristic American hilly golf course in China. The Merryland Golf Course, with 27-hole, 108-par and a total fairway length of 10,554 yards, is designed by famous American specialist Golden Louise in accordance with the landscape of Guilin, and the fairway profiling has been designed by American fairway specialist David at a high cost. The whole course has been planned in compliance with the principles of USGA for course building. Covering an area of around 114 hectares, the Merryland Golf Course is divided into three areas: Course A mainly of hillscape, Course B by the Ling Lake and Course C with the hilly style.

Guilin Merryland Golf Club

With its excellent facilities and fine-quality services, the Guilin Merryland Golf Course was selected as the club with the best price/performance ratio of the whole country in 2008, and one of the “Top Ten Most Influential Golf Courses in China” in 2006.

Address: Zhiling Road, Xing’an County, Guilin.

Travel Tips: The Merryland Golf Club is only a 40 minutes’ drive from the city proper of Guilin.

Guilin Li River Golf and Country Club

The Guilin Li River Golf and Country Club is located beside the beautiful Li River, at the foot of Mopan Hill in south Guilin. The course, covering an area of 100 hectares with 18-hole, 72-par and a total fairway length of 7,150 yards, is designed by Mr. Lee Chang, who has worked for WILLARD C.BYRD & ASSOCIATES for over ten years, and is the first Asian member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA). With the picturesque landscape of Guilin as the background and the Li River flowing through its eastern side, the golf course has a large number of ponds and rivers, which are located along the fairways. The first nine holes are surrounded by water while the last nine holes have a mountain layout.

Guilin Li River Golf and Country Club

Address: Zhujiang Wharf, Tourist Highway, Guilin.

Travel Tips: The Guilin Li River Golf and Country Club is 17 km from the city proper, and 42 km from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.

Guilin Twin Peak Golf & Resort Club (Guilin Landscape Golf Club)

As the first golf course in Guangxi, the Guilin Twin Peak Golf & Resort Club (or Guilin Landscape Golf Club), has a 9,300-yard distinct and smooth course with 27 holes. The course, designed in accordance with the karst landform and topography, demonstrates a wonderful natural scene, with the first 9 holes featuring mountain view, the 10th-18th holes of water view and the last 9 holes of rock view.

Guilin Twin Peak Golf Club -1

The design of the fairway is unusual. After playing the first nine holes, you can ride a horse to the 10th hole, an enjoyable ride around the mountains, while enjoying the beautiful scenery. After teeing off the balls, you can also board a small boat and let two boatmen row you to a small island.

Guilin Twin Peak Golf Club -2

Address: Yangmendian, Chaoyang Township, Guilin.

Travel Tips: The Guilin Twin Peak Golf Club is about 13 kilometers from the city center of Guilin, around 40 minutes’ driving from Guilin Liangjiang International Airport.


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    great writing. i hv already bought a ticket to guilin in jan2015 and suddenly my father would like to come along to play golf. i know its winter but we decided to proceed anyway. i tried to find the websites for the golf course that u mentioned above but couldnt find any. would like to arrange my own itinerary for my father to play golf without using the travel agency

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        tq so much for the reply. when i searched the internet, merryland its a bit far from the city so we want to try the Guilin Landscape Golf Club instead. Do u have any information on the golf club website because i want to know about the green fee, etc.

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    Can you let me know where I can get the best rates for green fees at Guilin Merryland Golf Course and the Guilin Landscape Golf Club?

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