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Panwang Festival

Panwang Festival of the Yao people, which falls on the 16th day of the 10th lunar month, is a festival to commemorate Panwang, the founder of the Yao people. During the festival, all the Yao people, men and women, old and young, in their holiday best get together happily to sing Panwang Song, and do Huangni Dance and Long Drum Dance to praise highly the merits and virtues of their ancestor. Young people take this opportunity to start singing in antiphonal style, trying to find their lovers.


Red Clothes Festival

This festival, which is peculiar to the Hongyao people in Longsheng, falls on the 15th day of the third lunar month. During the festival, all the Hongyao people in full dress attend a solemn gathering held in Sishui Street and exchange local products with each other. Unmarried young people sing folk songs to express their affections to their lovers. In addition, the Yao people do Long Drum Dance, hold the long hair competition, select the most beautiful girl of the village, and attend the “catching fireworks competition for women”.


River-Lantern Festival

From the 12th to 14th day in the seventh lunar month every year, all the ethnic minority people flow lanterns (paper boats with lit candles) on the Zijiang River. When flowing lanterns on the river, the people on both banks sing folk songs in antiphonal style. During the festival, the county is crowded with people in various ethnic clothes from far and near, to buy local products, taste local snacks, hold economic and trade talks, attend folk sports and amusement programs, and enjoy large-scale literary and art performances.


Lijiang Fishing-Boat Lights Festival

This festival originated from going fishing by fishermen on the Lijiang River. It is held in autumn in Yangshuo each year. During this three-day festival, lights on the fishing boats, fireworks setting off on both banks and bonfires on the river shoals form a unique scenic sight. In addition, there are folk theatrical performances, beer drinking competition at West Street, the exhibitions of fine arts, calligraphic works and photos, and various sports events, turning the county into a great rejoicing sea.


Peach Blossom Festival

This festival is held in March every year in Gongcheng County. During this festival, large-scale song and dance performances, Nuo Dance Carnival, sacrificial ceremony to the Panwang of the Yao people, martial art competition and folk skill demonstrations are held. While appreciating peach blossom, people can have a look of this county which is famous for its excellent ecological environment.

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