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Impression Third Sister Liu

Impression Third Sister Liu

Impression Third Sister Liu is a huge outdoor performance with natural stage on water that you might have never seen or experienced before. It is the largest real landscape performance in the world with over more than 2 square kilometers natural stage on Lijiang River and 12 mountain peaks as its background. Over 700 actors and actresses perform in the show. The participants in the show are all local, mostly from Zhuang and Yao background.

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The venue for the performance is at the juncture of the Lijiang River and Tianjia River in Yangshuo County. The usage of lights and water emphasizes the beauty of the Li River and the limestone mountains in a way no one had ever seen, making the whole venue look like a fairyland. The hidden sound equipment ingeniously uses the echo that the mountain peaks form to lead you to the original ecological living environment in south China, and create unique results.

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Zhang Yimou, a famous Chinese film director who was also the chief director and creative brain of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, is one of the chief directors of this performance.

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If you travel to Yangshuo, this show is DEFINITELY a must see and worth all your time and the money you spend.

Fantasy Pilgrimage to the West

Fantasy Pilgrimage to the West

Based on the famous classic novel Pilgrimage to the West, this opera explains the cultural connotation of this classic novel in the way of acrobatic, singing, dancing and magic arts. It is a new colorful opera marking many breakthroughs in expressions.

Fantasy Lijiang River

Fantasy Lijiang River

The Fantasy Lijiang River, the first creation of combining acrobatics with ballet dances, fully displays the historical changes, landscapes and cultural charm of the Lijiang River by using modern sound, lighting and electrical effects, and reflects the legendary colors and fascinating beauty of the mysterious land of Guilin.

Landscape of Guilin

In poetic and dancing forms, this opera demonstrates the past and present landscape of Guilin from the visual angle and aesthetic standards of modern people.

Song of Ling Canal

This poetic opera demonstrates Ling Canal, one of the greatest water conservancy projects in ancient China designed and constructed by the Qin supervising censor, made great contributions to the unification of the states in south China by Emperor Qin Shihuang (259-210B.C.). To distinguish the conflicts between ethnic groups and to defend the Ling Canal, the supervising censor devoted his life.

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