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Guangdong Provincial MuseumGuangdong Provincial Museum

Located at No.2 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, the Guangdong Provincial Museum opened in May 2010 to show “folk history”, “art” and “nature” of Guangdong. It is the best in China and one of the most advanced in the world. The new museum is one of the three landmark cultural facilities of Guangdong Province.

Transport: Take bus and get off at the stop of Xiancun Road South Station.

Tel: 0086-20-38046886

Guangzhou Museum (Zhenhai Tower)Guangzhou Museum

The museum housed in Zhenhai Tower mainly collects historical data and cultural relics within the boundaries of Guangzhou Municipality. It also holds exhibitions and carries on scientific studies. More than 40,000 pieces of cultural relics are kept in this museum.

Transport: Take bus No. 5, 21, 24, 33, 58, 101, 122 or 127 and get off at the stop of Yuexiu Park.

The Revolutionary Museum of Guangdong23

Located on the site of Guangdong Consultation Bureau in the Martyrs Cemetery of the Guangzhou Uprising, this museum is a special establishment for displaying and studying the history of revolutionary struggles waged by people in Guangdong Province.

Transport: It can be reached by bus No. 1, 40, 101, 102, 107, 194, 243, 222 or 263.

Tel: 0086-20-83753901

Liwan MuseumLiwan Museum

Liwan Museum, west of Panxi Restaurant on Longjin West Road, Liwan District, is the first district museum in Guangdong Province. It stands in an old Chinese-style compound once owned by a rich merchant. Within the 1,300-square-meter compound there are Western-style bungalows left from the early years of the Republic of China, a rockery known as “Gathering Place of Heroes”, a banyan tree on the rockery and exhibition halls with rare cultural relics reflecting the life in the early period of the Republic of China.

Transport: Take bus No. 2, 8, 25, 34, 55, or 66 and get off at the stop of Pantang.

Tel: 0086-20-81939917

Museum of the Western Han Dynasty Mausoleum of the Nanyue King8121700_083415345000_2

The museum is actually a stone tomb with seven chambers on Xianggang Hill west of Yuexiu Park. The tomb chambers bear on their walls the oldest color paintings found in the Lingnan Region.

The tomb of Nanyue King is 20 meters beneath the hilltop. It was excavated in June 1983. The occupant of it was wrapped in a robe of jade pieces strung with silk thread. From a gold seal with a dragon-knob and a jade seal archaeologists confirmed the tomb’s occupant was the second king of Nanyue. Taken from this 2,100-year-old tomb were the skeletons of 15 sacrificial persons and more than 1,000 burial objects. The exquisite jade carvings testify to the superb artistic achievements of jade carving during the Han Dynasty. The bronze objects with cultural features of the Han Dynasty and the two states of Chu and Yue are rare too.

The tomb of Nanyue King yielded the largest number of cultural relics and archaeological finds among the tombs from the Han Dynasty. Its discovery provides precious reference material for the study of cultural development and the history of Nanyue Kingdom, the early history of Guangzhou and the integration of the cultures of the Han people and Nanyue people. Cultural relics unearthed from the tomb are acclaimed as the “light of the Lingnan culture” and “national treasures”.

Transport: Take bus No. 7, 24, 101, 261 or 189 and get off at the stop of Yuexiu Park.

Tel: 0086-20-36182920

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