Guangzhou Festivals & Events

Guangzhou is a famous city in South China for its rich and colorful local customs. Besides the Chinese traditional festivals such as Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, Guangzhou residents also celebrate many local festivals every year.


  • Boluo Dan Temple Fair

Time: Second lunar month

Venue: South Sea God Temple in Huangpu district, Guanghzou

What’s on: This temple fair is held in Guangzhou and other places in the Pearl River Delta. People come to the temple fair to pray for blessing from the God of the South Sea, shopping and sightseeing.


  • Dragon Boat Festival

Time: Around the fifth of the fifth lunar month

Venue: On the Pearl River in Guangdong Province

What’s on: Several dozens of dragon boats from all over China, the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada and other countries compete on the Pearl River. Dragon boat shows are put on in every township on the outskirts of Guangzhou. During the festival, various shows of local customs such as drinking of Chinese mugwort liquor and realgar liquor, hanging of mugwort grass and eating various kinds of zong-zi (pyramid-shaped dumpling made of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves).


  • Begging for Skills Festival

Time: the seventh of the seventh lunar month

Venue: Guangzhou Zhucun

What’s on: Celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year, the festival is one of the most romantic festivals in China. Also known as the Double Seventh Festival or the Seven Sisters Festival, it is meant specially for unmarried girls and young lovers. On that date, rituals are held to the accompaniment of ancient music and drum beating to “Greet the Seven Heavenly Sisters” and “Display Gifts to the Seven Sisters” (handicrafts girls have made are displayed on the square table). What are indispensable are the Seven Sisters Disc and the Seven Sisters Garments. Guangzhou is famous for the historical heritage of traditional arts and crafts.

  • Flower Fair in Spring

Time: 12th lunar month

Venue: Downtown sections in Guangzhou, such as: Xihu Road and Jiaoyu Road in Yuexiu District, Liwan Road in Liwan District, South Flower Wholesale Trade Center in Huadu District.

What’s on: The Flower Fair is also called Spring Festival Eve Flower Fair. It evolved from the flower fair and night flower fair from ancient times in Guangzhou. During the festival, flower shows are held in all the major public parks, fresh flowers and fruits are sold in makeshift bamboo sheds along the street. And special purchases for the Spring Festival will be made.

  • Guangzhou International Travel Fair

Time: March

Venue: Downtown Guangzhou

What’s on: The Guangzhou International Travel Fair is one of the major comprehensive international travel fairs in China. It attracts many travel agencies and people related to tourism industry at home and abroad for business talks.


  • Guangzhou International Food Festival

Time: November every year since 1987

Venue: Downtown area of Guangzhou

What’s on: As a great event of cate integrating with the diet, entertainment, commerce, trade, tourism, and centered by “foods”, this festival has become an internationally-oriented folk festival.

  • Litchi Festival

Time: July

Venue: Zengcheng and Conghua

What’s on: The host cities of Zengcheng and Conghua hold a ceremony to announce the picking time of litchi. There are also performances of songs and dances, sports competitions, exhibitions of fine arts, photography and books, commodity fairs and trade talks.


  • Guangzhou International Tea Culture Festival

Time: November, once every two years since 2000

Venue: Downtown Guangzhou

What’s on: Exhibitions of tea leaves, tea-drinking, foods with the tea ingredient, tea sets and handicrafts related to tea.

  • Guangzhou International Yueju Opera Festival

Time: October or November, once every four years (the third was held in 2000)

Venue: Various places holding theatrical performances

What’s on: Many famous pieces of the Yueju Opera are staged and at the same time forums and exchange sessions on the Yueju Opera are held.


  • China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Time: April and October every year

Venue: Pazhou Exhibition Hall and Liuhua Road Exhibition Hall

What’s on: The China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), founded in the spring of 1957, is China’s most oldest and largest trade fair with the most complete variety of goods and has the largest attendance and business turnover. Every year, two sessions (Spring and Autumn) of trade fair are held in Guangzhou.

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