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Guangzhou Art Gallery (Zhongyuan Tower)a5c27d1ed21b0ef4eb99725eddc451da80cb39dbb6fd1e81

Guangzhou Art Gallery, east of the Zhenhai Tower on the Yuexiu Mountain, holds various exhibitions of fine arts and sculptures. A corridor is set aside to display famous stone inscriptions from the Haishan Studio.

Transport: Take bus No. 6, 103, 105, 109, 110, 124, 211 or 244 and get off at the stop of Yuexiu Park.

Tel: 0086-20-83552711

Guangdong Museum of Artfb2e56a7b0e54eb4c47d73ebbc65ed01

Located on Yanyu Road on Ersha Island, this modern multifunctional museum is a state cultural establishment. It is open to the public and holds large exhibitions of fine arts.

Transport: It can be reached by bus No. 12, 18, 57, 89 or 194.

Tel: 0086-20-87351468

Guangzhou Museum of Art2009752261042

Located at 13 Luhu Road, Guangzhou Museum of Art retains more than 10,000 pieces of arts through the history of China. It displays in its 19 exhibition halls a rich collection of rare art projects and holds cultural exchange sessions between China and other countries.

Transport: Take bus No. 10, 546, 63, 297, 184, or 883 and get off at the stop of No. 2 Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine.

Tel: 0086-20-83659337

Xinghai Concert Hall星海音乐厅

Located on Ersha Island, this concert hall is named after a famous musician in China called Xian Xinghai. It has a symphony hall with 1,500 seats, a chamber music hall with 460 seats and an audio-visual music room with 100 seats. It is a modern concert hall with complete functions and advanced equipment.

Transport: It can be reached by bus No. 12, 18 or 57.

Tel: 0086-20-87352222

Hongxiannv Art Center55673_163308574138_2

Located at 363 Hai’an Road in Zhujiang New City, this art center has an exhibition hall and a small theater. Its main function is to collect and display achievements obtained by Hongxiannv, a famous Yueju Opera actress, and sponsors exchange sessions of art and train Yueje Opera singers. (Yueju Opera, combining elements of martial arts, acrobatics, singing, and dancing, is a local opera popular in Guangdong Province.)

Transport: It can be reached by bus No. 63, 293 or 886

Tel: 00886-20-38200051

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