Gannan style: People in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture

Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture is situated at the east edge of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, in southwest Gansu province. Tibetan People in Gannan have similar but unique customs compared with other Tibetan areas in many aspects, such as weddings and funerals, living and eating habits, etiquette, and cultural activities.

The wonderful scenery there include vast expanse of prairie, dense forest, grotesque stone forest and highland lakes. A journey to Gannan is the next best thing to a trip to Tibet, but far more easily accessible.

The main natural attractions in Gannan include Labrand Monastery, Langmu Monastery, and Gahai-Zecha National Nature Reserve. You can take special foods like milk tea, tsampa, and Gannan morel when traveling there.







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