Food Streets in Guangzhou

Time-honored Restaurants on Shangxiajiu Road

This street is line with many time-honored stores and small restaurants serving Guangdong authentic dishes and snacks. Some of them are even better known than big restaurants. The “Bula Rice Noodle” of the Liwan Gourmet Restaurant, the self-made wheat flour noodles of the Ouchengji Restaurant, the “Double-skin Milk”, wonton with fresh shrimp, jiaozi (dumplings), ginger juice milk, “Three-star Soup”, various kinds of fried dough, fried salty cakes, “Smiling Jujubes”, “Daliang Fried Cake”, “Wife’s Cake”, “Chick Cake”, “Happy Cake” and many kinds of dried seafood and fruit are all very good.


Shamian European-Style Food City

The Shamian Island in the Pearl River is covered with unique Western architecture. Steeped in exotic atmosphere, it offers spectacular river view. There are many cafes, restaurants, and fashionable pubs in the island where streets are lined by ancient trees. You can access all the major cuisines unique to Southeast Asia and Guangdong.


Guanghzou Food Garden

Located at Bantang Road by the Liwan Lake, the long garden extends some 200 meters, connecting the Zhongshan Eighth Road in the north and the front gate to the Liwan Lake Park in the south. It features food, sightseeing and recreation, which are brought together in an organic way. Two- or three-story buildings line the Xiguan Batang Raod, and pavilions unique to the area south of the Yangtze River spread along the Liwan Lake. It is widely acknowledged that “food in Guangzhou is the best but food available in Xiguan is the most delicious – all food originating in Bantang”. Traditional Xiguan snacks – Liwan Fisherman Congee, Wuzhanji Porridge, and Silver Chee Cheong Fun – are never-miss food in and outside China.


TEEMALL in Tianhe District

The TEEMALL has a concentration of high-class restaurants. Many of them serve typical dishes from Hunan Province. Among the better known restaurants are “My Family Hunan Food”, “Hunan Food”, “Hakka Food” and the Lvyingge Western Restaurant.


Fangcun Food Street

This food street, located at the subway stop of Fangcun in Liwan District, serves good Zhanjiang food and various kinds Guangdong food.

Besides the food centers mentioned above restaurants on Baiyun Avenue, Huadi Avenue and Huangpu Avenue are also popular. Many of them open late into the night.

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