Famous Food Streets in Shanghai

Shanghai is a paradise for gourmets; its local food and snacks enjoy particular popularity among overseas visitors. Now, follow Annie to the famous food streets in Shanghai, where you can absolutely satisfy your appetites.

Shanghai- A Paradise for Gourmets

Yuyuan Garden Food Street

Located in the Yuyuan Tourist Mart, the Yuyuan Garden Food Street is known as the “Kingdom of Shanghai Snacks”. Here, you can taste different kinds of local snacks, such as Lao Song Sheng’s snacks called “Dandang” and “Shuangdang”, the Rice Balls with Pigeon Eggs, longevity peach cakes and birthday cakes of Lubolang, Man Yuan Chun Snack Bar’s Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls in Fermented Glutinous Rice Wine and Eight-treasure Rice Pudding, Nanxiang Soup Dumplings, Ningbo Tangyuan (dumplings made of sweet rice), as well as Japanese cuisine, Korean barbecue, Italian pies, French bread, Turkish steak, and so on.

Zhapu Road Food Street

Located in the north of the Suzhou Creek, the one-kilometer-long Zhapu Road Food Street connects the commercial, cultural and entertainment center of Haining Road in the north, and Shanghai downtown in the south. With unique decorations, dozens of restaurants and hotels in the street mainly provide food of Guangdong, Sichuan, Yangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang styles.

Huanghe Road Food Street

The Huanghe Road Food Street starts from the West Nanjing Road in the south to the South Suzhou Road in the north. The hotels and restaurants here feature fresh seafood, which attract many people, especially at night.

Qibao Old Street

Located in Qibao Old Town in Minhang Distrct, Shanghai, the old street, with a length of more than 800 meters, is composed of North Street and South Street, with the Puhuitang Bridge as the center. The stinky tofu is the most characteristic snack in Qibao Old Street; Qibao Tangyuan is one of the most famous local snacks; and Qibao sliced lamb is said to be one of the best lamb in Shanghai.

Middle Xizang Road Food Street

You can have a real treat in the Middle Xizang Road Food Street, which provides Crab Shell Cake of Dingxiang, Wuxi Juicy Buns of Xiyuan Garden, Three-Delicacy Wonton of Tianlecun, etc.

Yunnan Road Food Street

The Yunnan Road Food Street is located in downtown, and dozens of snack bars are arranged horizontally in the street. You can enjoy various food of shanghai and other places of China, among which the most famous are the White Cut Chicken and Chicken Porridge of Xiaoshaoxing, Boiled Salted Duck of Xiaojinling, Peking Duck of the Yanjing Restaurant, Rice Cakes with Spare Ribs of Xiandelai, and so on.

Xianxia Road Food Street

Located in the west of Changning District and adjacent to the Hongqiao Development Zone and Gubei New Area, the Xianxia Road Food Street starts from the Furongjiang Road to the Weining Road. More than 50 different styles of catering enterprises are distributed in the one-kilometer-long street. With all kinds of tea houses, coffee bars, and toy bars, etc., the street provides an ideal leisure place for people who love night life.

New Wujiang Road Food Street

The new Wujiang Road, starting from North Maoming Road in the west to the Shimenyi Road in the east, covers an area of 15,000 square meters, and over half of its area is for food and drink. Equipped with leisure chairs, kiosks and other facilities, the street has a blend of tea restaurants, cafes, bars, tea houses, Xinjiang cuisine and other specialty shops.

Hongmei Road Food Street

Hongmei Road, just a small alley, combines the customs of multiple countries. It gathers the specialties of the Delhi Darbar of pure Indian flavor, Irani Shiraz, Moon River of American style, European-style Bastiaan Bakery & Konditorei, Simply Thai with authentic Thai flavor.

Tianyaoqiao Road Food Street

A lot of commercial buildings are arranged on the 1,000-meter-long Tianyaoqiao Road Food Street from Lingling Road to the Zhaojiabin Road. There are Babela’s Kitchen, Ajisen and several other restaurants, with a booming business in a small building accessed from the Metro City. Novel Place is a semi-open food court on the basement level, with the distribution of Korean cuisine, City Shop, Western sweet snacks and seafood hot pot. In addition, the four-star Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai has a Cantonese restaurant of 3,000 square meters.

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