Exploring The Delightful Attractions Of Beijing

Beijing is a city in China that has managed to keep in touch with its past as well as its future. Beijing has been at the centerfold in China’s political, economic and cultural scene for centuries. Beijing is therefore a sure option for the tourist who is looking for adventure and knowledge about the various diverse cultures. For that tourist, Beijing has a lot to offer. Seeing as Beijing has a vast array of places to visit, you might feel overwhelmed as to the plethora of choices in terms of place to visit. This article narrows down the must see areas of Beijing for a tourist.

Beijing has many museums to satisfy any tourist’s need. However one should never leave Beijing without visiting the Capital Museum. The museum is home to a huge collection of exhibitions. The spectacular 5 stories museum offers you a museum experience like no other. The museum is located in the western part of Beijing and is open between 9am and 4pm.

Capital Museum

Everyone knows the gem that Beijing is holding in trust for humanity. I am talking about the Great Wall of China. How can you say you have visited China or Beijing for that matter without showing us pictures of you visiting the Great Wall? This structure is visible from space and is magnificent in its size. The Wall is not only a Chinese piece of history but also among humanity’s history with respect to its features. The enormous structure cements China’s dominance in construction in the many centuries that it has been in existence.

The Great Wall

The Forbidden City is also a delightful attraction that one should not fail to visit. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and is accessible to everybody. The city was a Chinese Imperial palace built during the Ming Dynasty. The city played host to royalty from the Ming dynasty all through to the Qing Dynasty. The site therefore gives you the Monarch contact since you will tread where past royalty have walked and see the rooms where they lived. The city has been renovated and beautified so as to maintain its magnificence seeing as it was built in the 1400s. The city has a lot of history and covers a huge area. One is advised to be prepared with comfortable shoes since the guides will take you around the city.

Forbidden City

Each of us remembers the 2008 Summer Olympics for which Beijing played host. The event was historical in its nature and it was held in awesome stadia that showcased Chinese ingenuity when it comes to architectural design. For this reason, your visit to Beijing is not complete without visiting the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube. These two structures are a testament to the strides that humanity has made in terms of pushing the boundaries of architecture and thinking outside the box. The Bird’s Nest is still revered as one of the top stadia in the world. So do not deny yourself the chance to partake in this part of history.

The Bird's Nest and Water Cube

China is vast in what it has to offer for the tourist who wants to immerse themselves in history and culture. Ensure you plan to visit Beijing make sure you visit the sites mentioned as well as the many more not cited in the article. Exploring Beijing is indeed a delightful experience.

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