Enshi Tusi City: the Largest Tujia City in China

Located in northwest of Enshi City, central China’s Hubei Province, the Enshi Tusi City is the only landmark construction of Tusi culture in Tujia area, with the largest and the most magnificent scale, the most unique style, and the most beautiful scenery.

Enshi Tusi City-2

Covering an area of more than 20 hectares, the Enshi Tusi City is built on a mountain slope, with streams running through, and dotted with green pines and bamboos. Built by local artisans, it’s a manor architectural complex, modeled after an antique Tusi city in Tujia area. Here you can enjoy all the traditional architectures of Tujia, Miao and Dong ethnic groups, showing architectures and sculptures of various styles.

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Opened to the public in 2002, the Enshi Tusi City is composed of three main scenic areas: ethnic culture exhibition area, religion exhibition area, and leisure and recreation area. There are a lot of scenic spots, mainly including the Jiujin Hall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Wind-and-Rain Bridge of the Dong people, Grand View Garden Gate Tower, Hexagonal Pavilion, City Wall, Iron Chain Bridge, White Tiger Statue, Large Garden, and Tea House and so on.

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Tujia Jiujin Hall, located in the center of ethnic culture area, consists of hanging house, waving hands hall, official hall, study hall, terrace, and theatrical stage. With pavilions of several levels, engraved pillars and primitive windows and doors, it is a synthesis of Tujia architecture, sculpture and painting, and the largest Tujia archaize architectural complex with the most typical style and most majestic appearance in the country.

Enshi Tusi City

ADD: No. 138 Tusi Road, Enshi City, Hubei Province.

Admission: 50yuan


  1. I plan to stay 2 days in Enshi. One day will be for the Canyon. For the 2nd day, I’d like to cover this Enshi Tusi City. What bus to take pls? Frequency of bus. Departure time. Arrival time. And for the return bus trip to Enshi city centre as I need to take train next day.

    1. You can take the bus from Enshi Square to the canyon. The earliest bus starts around 07:30am, and the last one around 17:30pm. It takes about 1.5 hours from the square to the canon (single way), and there is a bus every half an hour (The timetable is for your reference, since the buses are not always on time). You can check the departure time of the last bus from the canyon back to the city with the driver. (The driver can not speak English. It will be helpful if you could prepare some notes in Chinese beforehand).

      If you go to visit Enshi Tusi City, I suggest you take a taxi because the Enshi Tusi City is not far from the downtown. It only costs you about 15 yuan by taxi.

      Enjoy your trip to Enshi.


      1. Many thanks, Annie, for travel tips – most helpful.
        If you don’t mind further Qs:
        (a) In Zhangjiajie, I plan to visit Fenghuang Ancient Town – Do you know if Diaojiaolou 吊脚楼 and Tujia Old Courtyard in that vicinity is accessible from Fenghuang (or is it actually part of Fenghuang – just different names being used)?

        (b) In Enshi, when I visit Tusi City – is it quite similar or maybe much more impressive compared to Diaojialou/Tujia in/around Fenghuang? Or you think I should skip Fenghuang as Enshi’s Tusi City would suffice?

        Both places relate to Minority Ethnic Group of Dong tribe – as opposed to Miao or Buoyei tribes – correct?

        Annie, I’m sorry to bother you but I’m fascinated by the Dong architecture and would like to learn more. I was even trying to get to Zhaoxing (Guizhou) but flight connections are really poor to Liping – so I have to settle for the above alternatives. If you have any web-site references, I’d be much obliged.

        1. (a)Fenghuang Ancient Town is characterised by its Diaojiaolou. Most of the Diaojialou in Fenghuang have been used as shops, restaurants or inns, so you can take a look.

          (b)With regard to Diaojiaolou, there are more in Fenghuang. Enshi Tusi City is built on a mountain slope, it’s a manor architectural complex. Fenghuag Ancient Town is a place to stroll the alleyways, to take a boat ride along the Tuojiang River, to sit and observe the local people and their daily life. If time permits, you should not skip Fenghuang, which is one of the most beautiful towns in China.

          (c)Fenghung Ancient Town is mainly inhabitated by the ethnic minorities of Miao and Tu, and Enshi Tusi City is mainly inhabitated by Tu, Miao and Dong ethnic minorities.

          At the moment, I don’t find such an English website. Sorry.

          Best Wishes.


          1. Muchos gracias, Annie. I will take your advice and visit both. Maybe next trip, I will go to Zhaoxing (Guizhou) – absolutely fascinating to read whatever little bits I can find on the internet on Dong, Tujia architecture in English. Too bad the detailed info is in Mandarin (which I am not so good at – only enough to get around town with my Putonghua).

            You write very well. Hope you will put more articles on the web to get more travellers from overseas to appreciate China in greater depth.

            Ta, MK

          2. Hi~~Thank you very much for your comments. You are great that you can speak some Putonghua! I can’t speak Spanish at all! Maybe you can help me improve my English and I can teach you more Chinese:) If you need someone who can speak English and help you communicate with the locals during the trip, let me know and I can give you my mobile numbers. You can regard me as a friend of yours in China. If you like, you can share some of your trips with me on my web.

            Here is some information about the Zhaoxing Dong Village, you might be interested in:

            Calld “Zhaodong” in ancient times, Zhaoxing is 70km south of the county town of Liping. It is the largest Dong village, with a total of 3,415 people, including 3,125 Dong people. All people in the village adopt the surname of Lu, and are divided into five tribues. Each tribe has its own drum towers and wind-and-rain bridges, showing different styles and caracteristics. The houses on stilts in the village are in picturesque disorder.All the houses are built with fir wood. The layout of the architectural structures is well conceived with a reasonable structure, such as the flower bridges, theatres, song floors, sunning grounds, barns, wells and civilian residences.


          3. Heh, heh …. I don’t speak Spanish either (I just know a few phrases from all the countries I have travelled).

            Sure, if I find anything interesting, I will add on to your web-pages after my return.

            My Putonghua is limited but, conversationally, some locals in China tell me that they think I’m from Beijing but if the conversation gets prolonged, they can tell I’m overseas Chinese as my Mandarin vocab is not so good – so I start to think in English and to try to translate to simpler Chinese words that I know – that’s the giveaway when locals realise that I’m “hua qiao”.

            Sure, anything you need help with English translation, just let me know. You can e-mail me direct.

            Annie, I’m now stuck trying to book a decent hotel in Hechuan (Chongqing). I found one on Trip Advisor BUT they don’t seem to be listed online in any English hotel web-sites –
            Xin Zuan Hotel at No.168 Jiabin Road, Hechuan District, Chongqing.
            重庆市合川区嘉滨路 No. 168
            Postal code (I think): 7105268

            In the meantime, I have booked at Ramada Plaza Chongqing North Hotel (Hechuan District) which is making a big hole in my pocket. So if you can find a 3* or 4* hotel in Hechuan District of around RMB 200, I’d be eternally grateful, Annie.

          4. Do you want me to book Xin Zuan Hotel (重庆鑫钻商务酒店) for you if it’s possible or other 3* or 4* hotel in Hechuan? Would you please let me know the type of room you prefer, the dates and how many nights you are going to stay? I will help you check with the hotel.

            Have a nice day.


          5. Yes, I’d be much obliged if you could help pls.
            Just one night for one person (non-smoking room): Check-in 19 Oct 2014; Check-out 20 Oct.

            Xin Zuan Hotel Hechuan District looks like 3* or 4* – But if you can find other equivalent hotels in Hechuan with access to public bus stop and not too far from Hechuan Railway Station – that would be great, Annie.

            Do I just pay hotel directly when I check-in?

            Many thanks again.

          6. Xin Zuan Hotel is a budget hotel, not a star-rated hotel. According to your requirements and budget, I have looked for some related hotels in Hechuan. By the reviews from the guests who have stayed at the hotel before, I chose one for your reference.

            Youjoy Hotel (重庆优悦酒店)
            Address: No. 125 Jialing Road, Hechuan District, Chongqing.

            The hotel was opened in 2012. There is a bus stop nearby the hotel. It’s about 7km from the hotel to the Hechun Railway Station, and costs you around 20 yuan by taxi. There are hotels in Hechuan which are more close to the station compared to Youjoy, but the reviews are not so satisfied, from my point of view.

            If you think Youjoy Hotel is ok, I will help you make a reservation. The rooms facing the street may be not so quiet, but I can ask for a room facing inside. The price for the superior single is 178 yuan per night, with breakfast included (the breakfast should be very simple, in my experience). The room area is about 20 squre meters. You can pay hotel directly when you check in. I just help you book the hotel. The time for check-in: after 14:00pm, time for check-out: by 14:00pm. By the way, this hotel doesn’t accept credit card. It’s advisable to prepare some cash when travelling in some small cities or villages in China.

            One thing I would like to remind you here is that – for this type of budget hotels, we can not expect too much sometimes, especally in October when is the peak seaon.


          7. Wow, I’m deeply grateful for all your efforts, Annie. You are most thoughtful in considering quiet-facing room, etc. Could you e-mail directly to me your address in China as I’d like to post a small gift as a token of my appreciation please?

            Yes, pls go ahead and book for me at Youjoy Hotel (Non-smoking). I’ll pay cash upon check-in on 19 Oct 2014 and check-out on 20 Oct.

            I hope they will give you a reservation confirmation number or e-mail. If so, kindly also forward to me tog with Hotel’s Tel Number. This is to avoid mistakes or miscommunication – as a solo female traveller, the last thing I want when I show up at hotel door-step is for them to tell me “full-house and no reservation on record” (because they have sold the room night to others who checked-in earlier or something).

            Many thanks again, Annie. You are a dear.

          8. I have called the hotel. They don’t have specialized non-smoking rooms. I think that’s the case for all the budget hotels or most of the 3-star hotels in China. Only 4 or 5 star hotels they may provide non-smooking rooms.

            Would you please email me your full name, which should be identical with the name on your passport. So when you arrive at the hotel, you just need to tell them your name and check in. When I get the reservation confirmation, I will forward it to you together with the hotel’s Tel number.

            Thank you for your nice words. I will email you my address and we can stay in touch, as friends.


          9. Looking forward to your direct e-mail with your address. I’ll then reply with full name as per passport.

            Thanks again, Annie. Have a good day, MK

  2. I’d like to visit the Enshi Tusi City in the middle of september, but I heard that 3 months ago, the site was under construction. Is the renovation ended ?
    Thank you !

    1. Hi Marylène,

      The interior renovation of the Enshi Tusi City has been completed. It will have no effect on your September trip.

      Enjoy your stay in Enshi.


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