Discovering the Famous Bar Streets of Beijing

China’s vibrant metropolitan capital Beijing offers a wide range of entertainment, including bar streets which are popular among locals and tourists. Here are some famous bar streets in Beijing.

Sanlitun Bar Street

The famous Sanlitun Bar Street, 260 meters in length, lies in Sanlitun Village, a fashion and leisure center in Beijing’s Chaoyang District. The bar street, which came into being in 1995, is known as the origin of Beijing’s bar culture. It’s especially popular among tourists and young people for its trendy bars with global flavors. It’s usually considered the symbol of the capital city’s glamorous and vibrant nightlife.

Sanlitun Bar Street, Beijing

Shichahai Bar Street

Shichahai Bar Street, formed in 2004, is an elegant retreat from the day located in Beijing’s Xicheng District. In contrast to Sanlitun, it offers a sense of tranquility amidst its picturesque environment. Fashion blends with tradition in this historical scenic area, famous for its water landscape and exquisite courtyards. Plenty of bars and restaurants line the shores of the lake.

Shichahai Bar Street, Beijing

Super Bar Street

Also shaped in 2004, the Super Bar Street is located in the Lufthansa Business Area of Bejing’s Chaoyang District. It’s known as a bar street where visitors can frequently spot super stars. Some of its more than 40 bars are actually owned by Chinese celebrities. You can enjoy live performances from underground bands here, while admiring the tranquil scenery of Jinghu Lake outside the window. The bar street, situated in the vicinity of the Third Diplomatic Area, is very popular among embassy staff as well as office employees and those in show business.

Super Bar Street, Beijing

Nanluoguxiang Bar Street

Formed in 2003, Nanluoguxiang Bar Street is an amazingly attractive bar alley situated in Beijing’s Dongcheng District. The bar street is well-known for its intact and well-preserved courtyard houses with brick walls and traditional decorations. It’s probably the quietest one in the capital city — compared to the other five. Generally speaking, prices are doable and various snacks are offered. You can get close to traditional Beijing life here, and you can also tour the numerous boutique shops lining both sides of the alley.

Nanluoguxiang Bar Street, Beijing

Dashanzi Bar Street

One after another, bars have sprouted across Chaoyang’s Dashanzi Art Zone, or the 798 Art Zone, eventually forming a bar street. It’s a must-go for people who love art, gourmet and, of course, bar culture.

Dashanzi Bar Street, Beijing

Solana Bar Street

Located in the SOLANA Lifestyle Shopping Park of Beijing’s Chaoyang District, Solana Bar Street is known for its European-style buildings along the street, as well as its spectacular outlook.

Solana Bar Street, Beijing

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