Cycling in Xiamen

Sharing the same latitude as Miami in the United States, Xiamen is known as one of the most beautiful seaside resort cities in China. With its clean environment and picturesque natural landscape, it is no wonder that this sub-tropical paradise is dubbed “the garden on the sea”.

There is no better place to cycle than Xiamen.  A 31-km Island Ring Road, which is backed by mountains and winds through the south and east shore of Xiamen Island, is a green belt that offers people an ideal place to cycle along beautiful seashores.

Xiamen Island Ring Road

The road starts from Yanwu Bridge near Xiamen University and ends at Wuyuanwan Bridge in the island’s northeast area. You can ride bikes on a 6-7 meter lane for pedestrians and bicycles. The best stretch is between Baicheng Beach near Xiamen University and the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, which has a view of Kinmen Island. The distance is about 10 km, one-way, which will take about an hour to cycle without stopping.

Baicheng Beach

Riding along the coastal road, you will be charmed by the sound of gentle waves breaking onto the sandy seashores while feasting your eyes on exotic flowers and palm trees along the road. And you will be delighted to see egrets flying above them. Against the backdrop of the hills, the scene is heaven on earth. Besides, you will pass the historic Hulishan Cannon Fortress, built in 1891 during the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911) and parks, such as Calligraphy Square and Music Square, where you will find sculptures.

Cycling in Xiamen

To take a break, get off your bike to feel the sand on the beach, take a swim or check out Yefengzhai Amusement Park, near Huangcuo Beach.


  • Recommended cycling route: Xiamen University- Hulishan Cannon Fortress – Zeng Cuo An Village – Calligraphy Square and Music Square – Huangcuo Beach – Yefengzhai Amusement Park – Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center
  • Estimated duration: About two hours of leisurely cycling from Baicheng Beach to Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. Earnest cyclists can also explore the longer route, to the end of the coastal road at Wuyuanwan Bridge.
  • Best time for cycling: Start cycling in the late afternoon to catch the sunset by the ocean on the return trip.
  • Bicycle rental: There are over 10 bike rental stations conveniently located along the scenic route. Rental of a mountain bike costs about 10 to 15 yuan ($1.60-2.40) per hour, with a deposit of 300 yuan. Other kinds of bicycles, such as tandem bicycles, are charged at a higher rate. Most of the stations close between 8 to 9 pm.
  • There are restaurants, coffee shops and fruit/snack kiosks, along Baicheng and Huangcuo beaches, for a bite to eat.

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