Chongqing Transportation

Located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, Chongqing is the most importation transportation hub in Southwest China and is one of the important transport hubs connecting eastern and western China.


The Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport is located in Lianglu Town, Yubei District, 23 kilometers away from the urban area. It is one of the ten largest civil airports in China, as well as one of the three largest air transportation hubs in Southwest China. With two terminals, one for domestic flights and the other for international flights, the airport operates more than 70 air routes to over 50 domestic and international cities, including all the capital cities of China’s provinces, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul in South Korea, Tokyo in Japan, Helsinki in Finland, and San Francisco and Los Angeles in United States.

Chongqing Transportation - Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport


Chongqing is a major terminal linking five artery railways, namely, the Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, Chongqing-Guiyang Railway, Xiangfan-Chongqing Railway, Chongqing-Huaihua Railway, Suining-Chongqing Railway, in addition to the Dazhou-Wanzhou Railway. Currently, Chongqing has three major passenger railway stations, i.e., Chongqing Railway Station, Chongqing Shapingba Railway Station and Chongqing North Railway Station. Everyday there are many trains connecting Chongqing with all the major cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanning, Guilin, as well as the main attractions within or surrounding Chongqing.


A number of national highways go by the city, such as national highways No. 210, 319, 212, 318 and 326. Chongqing has also built a network of local highways, including one loop and five radiating expressways, the Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, Chongqing Airport Expressway, Changshou-Wanzhou Expressway, Chongqing-Fuling Expressway and Chongqing-Linshui Expressway. The main long distance bus stations include Chongqing Bus Station, Caiyuanba Bus Station, Chaotianmen Bus Station, Nanping Bus Station, Chenjiaping Bus Station, Chongqing North Bus Station and Shapingba Passenger Bus Station.

Water Transport

Chongqing is blessed with a golden waterway, the Yangtze River. After the completion of the Three Gorges Dam Project, ships with the tonnage of up to 10,000 tons can access the Chongqing Port. The Chongqing Passenger Dock is located at Chaotianmen, at the eastern end of the downtown of Chongqing, where the Jialing River flows into the Yangtze River. This is the best starting point for the world-famous Yangtze River cruise. You can take the ship at Chaotianmen Dock to reach Yichang or Wuhan.

Chongqing Transportation - Chongqing Chaotianmen Dock

Urban Transport

The urban transportation system mainly consists of buses that go everywhere, taxis, subway and monorail mass transit system, as well as river cable car and the elevator.

Chongqing Transportation - Yangtze River Cable Car

The river cable car and the elevator are the features of Chongqing due to the geography and the special roads and streets of this mountain city. The river cable car has become the important transportation because the Yangtze River and the Jialing River run through the city. Near the railway station, there is an elevator on the Kaixuan Road, combining with the upper and lower of the street.

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