Chongqing Shopping Guide

Chongqing, located on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, is China’s fourth municipality after Beijing, Shanghai, and Tianjin. Chongqing boasts a vast land, abundant resources and indigenous products, making it a commercial hub in southwestern China.

What to Buy

Chongqing has a long history in handicraft making. Shu Embroidery, which originates from Sichuan Province, is one of the four famous embroideries in China, together with Su Embroidery of Jiangsu Province, Xiang Embroidery of Hunan Province and Yue Embroidery of Guangdong Province. The contents displayed on Shu Embroidery are rich and colorful.

Shu Embroidery

The carving series of Chongqing center on bamboo carving, wood carving, jade carving and stone carving. Stone carving and jade carving of Dazu, bamboo screen painting of Liangping, and horn carving of Dianjiang are popular with tourists. The Tanmujiang wooden combs and the glass wares produced in Beifu and Rongchang are also well-known.

Rongchang is also famous for its folding fans. Made carefully with sophisticated craftsmanship as well as graceful poems printed on it, Rongchang Folding Fans have enjoyed a universal reputation even since the Qing Dynasty. With the development in recent decades, there has been 345 breeds of folding fans, such as pure brown, whole Phoebe nanmu, leather bottom, hard blue and green, string, sandalwood, silk fabric, feather, colloid, etc.

Rongchang Folding Fan

If you are fascinated by Chinese calligraphy, the Three Gorge Inkstone might be a good shopping item in Chongqing. Made from the special stone excavated on the gorge section of Jialing River, the fine-shaped inkstones are delicately engraved with beautiful patterns.

Chongqing is a multi-cultural city. There are numerous ethnic groups living in Chongqing, including Yi, Tibetan, Miao, Qiang and Tujia, and the Tujia and the Miao are the two of the largest. The brocade of Tujia ethnic minority features rich local flavors.  It is also durable, and makes a great souvenir for tourists.

The Brocade of Tujia Ethnic Minority

If you love Chinese tea, it’s easy for you to get fine quality teas in Chongqing, among which the most widely known are the Tuo Tea, Yinzhen (Silver Noodle) Tea of Banan, and Xiuya Tea of Yongchuan.

Chongqing is also well known for many special local products, ranging from rare traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to a rich variety of fruits and snacks of different flavors. These include coptis and Gastrodia elata from Shizhu, eucommia from Nanchuan, oranges produced in Jiangjin, pears from Cangxi, shaddocks from Changshou and persimmons from Chengkou, traditional Sichuan Dengying (meaning “shade of the lamp”) beef, Jinjiao brand Five-spices Beef Jerky, Fuling Zhacai (pickled mustard tuber), Hechuan peach flakes and Jiangjin dilated rice crispy treats. With delicious tastes, all these specialties or delicacies are among the choicest gifts for friends and relatives.

Where to Buy

There are five major shopping centers in Chongqing, namely, the Jiefangbei (Liberation Monument) Shopping Plaza, Three Gorges Plaza of Shapingba, Guanyinqiao in Jiangbei District, Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street of Jiulongpo, and Nanping Pedestrian Street. In each of these shopping centers, you’ll find restaurants, bars, boutiques, cinemas and many other attractions some unique to each.

Chongqing Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street

Among the five major shopping centers, the Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is by far the most famous traffic-free shopping section not only in West China, but also across the whole country. Here you can find a large number of shopping malls, such as the New Century Department Store, Pacific Department Store, Wangfujing Department Store, Maison Mode and Chongqing Bookstore. With its bustling business and clusters of shopping plazas and stores around, the Liberation Monument has become a well-known scenic spot in the city.

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