Chinese Tea Ceremony: More than Drinking Tea

The art of drinking and serving tea plays a major cultural role in China. For centuries, Chinese people have been practising the art of the tea ceremony as a way of relaxing the mind, focusing mental energy, social bonding and enjoyment. The Chinese tea ceremony is an intoxicating experience that you should not miss out when you come to China.

The tea ceremony is an important part in drinking tea, also called the Kung Fu Tea Ceremony. The purpose of the tea ceremony is to produce the finest and most aromatic brew from high quality tea (usually Oolong or Pu Erh) and to taste the variations in flavour and finish as the tea changes over many infusions. All of this is done with an artistry of skill and knowledge. The smell and taste are the most important parts of the ceremony.


In Quanzhou, southeast China’s Fujian Province, planting and drinking tea is a popular tradition.Over the last 30 years, tea making has undergone a change from the first to the last brewing, taking into account water temperature, variety and methodology.


The tea pot needs to be heated on the surface with barely boiling water to keep the tea leaves brewed at an appropriate temperature.


Lifting the kettle to pour the tea causes it to have a better color, fragrance, and flavor.


Watch the color, smell the fragrance and taste the flavor, a comprehensive tea ceremony experience.


Ideally, the pot should be small and paired with a second serving pot to help evenly blend the tea flavor. The equivalent of approximately one teacup of tea is brewed at a time in this approach and the tea is consumed from very small cups. This permits very fine control of temperature vs. brewing time.


With the Guzheng performance, people are immersed in tea appreciation. Focusing on the tea, people begin to think and remember, perhaps even touching on inner peace.

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