Brief Introduction to Sanya

Situated on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, Sanya is known as the “Hawaii of China” with beautiful golden beaches. Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape that is totally different from the other cities of China. And it is also a wonderful place to appreciate the various cultures of China. There are more than 20 ethnic groups living in Sanya, including Han, Li, Miao, and Hui. The enjoyable tropical monsoon climate with a soothing environment makes Sanya a outdoor paradise, especially golf. During the last decade, the tourism industry in Sanya has been upgraded comprehensively. Dozens of luxury hotels, high-end yacht clubs and cruise terminal, duty-free shop, visa-free entry policy, all of these make it grow into a brilliant and popular national and international tourist destination.

Sanya - the Hawaii of China

Fascinating Beaches

With its remarkable location, Sanya is one of the best spots in China for water activities. From swimming, diving, beach sports, bathing, sunbathing, fishing to yachting, Sanya has something for everyone who has a fancy for water activities. There are 4 beaches for you to experience thrilling glamour of water, namely Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Sanya Bay and Haitang Bay, among which Yalong Bay is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful bays. Located only 25 km away from Sanya city, the Yalong Bay is an ultimate urban oasis for a glorious and pleasant vacation experience. Many world-renowned hotel brands were brought into Yalong Bay National Resort, including The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, Marriott and more. Together with high-quality golf courses, they make Sanya the most popular vacation destination.

Sanya - Yalong Bay

Apart from its gifted charming natural sceneries and favorable climate with an average annual temperature at 25.4 ℃, Sanya also boasts abundant and diverse cultural heritage, as well as fabulous folks customs, which exude a typical touch of eastern ambience.

Excellent Golf Courses

In addition to a variety of marine activities, Sanya is also a destination for a superb golf experience in China. There are more than 20 golf courses in Sanya and nearby, including Sun Valley Sanya Golf Resort, Sanya Luhuitou Golf Club, Yalong Bay Golf Club and so on. Most of them are adjacent to luxurious resort hotels, allowing golfers to relax after a day’s golf swing. Many golf courses are nestled in pristine places, surrounded by mountains, clear waters and greeneries. All these elements contribute to a picturesque backdrop for golf, making golfing here not only a game, but also endless refreshment and excitement. With the aim to create a world-class golf resort experience, excellent service and facilities can be found at every resort and golf club in Sanya. It sure pampers golf enthusiasts with the sumptuous “19th hole” experiences.

Sanya - There are more than 20 golf courses in Sanya and nearby.

Delicious Local Dishes

Both authentic local dishes and international foods can be found here. For anyone who wants to enjoy the local flavor, don’t miss the four main signature dishes, which are delicate Wenchang Chicken, Dongshan Goat, Jiaji Duck and ginger-garlic Hele Crab, all adopting unique cooking methods and special ingredients and will give you a memorable dining experience. Meanwhile, due to its coastal location, Sanya is a place to try the freshest seafood. You can rent a fishing-boat, enjoying the panoramic sea-views while sampling seafood in the boat, which will definitely work up your appetite.

Sanya - four main signature dishes

Sanya Transportation

Sanya boasts well developed transportation networks. You can reach Sanya by air, train, road and water. The Sanya Phoenix International Airport is only 14 km from downtown, and there are international and domestic flights. You can also choose direct train-lines that connect Sanya with some major cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changsha. Also, you can opt for the Circular Hainan Express to arrive in Sanya by road. For those who prefer water transport, ships from Hong Kong to Phoenix Island Cruise Port of Sanya is great way to appreciate the splendor of the coastal sceneries of Sanya.

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