Beijing World Park: A Miniature of the World

The Beijing World Park is located in southwestern Fengtai District, about 17 kilometers from Tian’anmen Square, the city center, and 40 kilometers from the Capital International Airport. It is a theme park, containing mini-replicas of over 100 world-famous scenic spots in nearly 50 countries throughout the world, with the layout modeled after the five continents and four oceans.

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Covering an area of 46.7 hectares, Beijing World Park consists of two main parts: the scenic area and the shopping, dining, and entertainment area. Displayed according to the position of its country on the map, the scenic area of the park is divided into five areas, which are named after the five contents: Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, and America. And they are connected by water made in the shape of the four oceans.

The main gate of the park consists of a group of buildings. The Gothic castle, Roman corridor, and granite relief sculptures form an imposing scene.

Beijing World Park

Immediately inside the gate is an Italian terrace garden, with grand staircases, fountains, and figure sculptures of the Renaissance, full of European romanticism.

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In the park you will see mini-replicas constructed according to the proportion of about 10:1, such as Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., Sydney Opera House, and so on. Most of the architectural structures are built from marble, some with exquisite carvings. And great efforts were made to build the structures; even the materials used are modeled after their originals to create the most authentic look possible. For example, the replica of the Great Pyramids is made of 200,000 white marble bricks, each as large as a bar of soap. The Red Square in Russia is paved with over 5 million red bricks smaller than mahjong tiles.

More lawns and gardens are scattered throughout the park. These lawns are dotted with 100 miniature models of the world’s most famous statues, including the Statue of Liberty in New York, Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, David (Michelangelo) and the Venus de Milo.

In the park there are an International Street and an International Folk Custom Village, integrating catering service, shopping and entertainments and showing exotic flavors. Along the 200-meter-long International Street, which covers an area of 1,500 square meters, you can find famous Italian shops, the Goethe Delicacy Building of Germany, and the Lausanne Souvenir Street of Switzerland. Here you can taste different cuisines and buy the tourist souvenirs of various countries.

The park also has a laser fountain, which spurts water out regularly. Controlled by the computer, the fountain integrates music, light, color and beautiful patterns, providing a dreamlike world while working.

The Beijing World Park is a miniature of the world and the park itself is a visual display of modern cultures of the world. From May to October, the park holds the cultural activities of various countries.

Travel Tips:

Address: 158 Feng Bao Road, Huaxiang Township, Fengtai District, Beijing

Getthing there: The closest Beijing Subway stop to Beijing World Park is the Guogongzhuang Station on Line 9 which is approximately 0.7 km (0.4 miles) east of the park. Use Exit D and travel west to Feng Bao Road and head south to the park entrance on the west side of the street.

Taking a speedboat you can have a “global voyage;” you can also choose a different route to tour around the park by taking a battery-operated car.

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