Beijing Modern Parks

Fragrant Hills Park

Located in the western suburbs of Beijing, Fragrant Hills Park is a large mountain and forest park with imperial characteristics, integrating scenic spots and historical sites. Famous scenes and spots in the park include Snowy West Mountain in the Sun, red leaves, Studio of Tranquil Heart, Bright Temple, Shuangqing Villa, and Temple of Azure Clouds where you can find the Diamond Throne Pagoda and the hall holding 500 arhat statues. If you climb the mountain after snow, you will appreciate a land clad in white. It is one of the eight best scenic sights of old Beijing, known as Snowy West Mountain in the Sun.

Beijing Fragrant Hills Park

Fragrant Hills Park is the most delightful in late autumn when the leaves of nearly 100,000 smoke trees in the park turn red. From mid October to mid November every year, the park is crowded with visitors from all over the city to appreciate red leaves.

Beijing Fragrant Hills

Purple Bamboo Park

Located in Haidian District, this park features bamboo and rocks. Of its total area of over 500,000 square meters, 150,000 square meters are taken up by lakes. The park grows more than 140 species of trees, such as gold and silver trees, Chinese spruce, Chinese scholar trees, and weeping willows, and over 50 species of bamboo, totally 500,000. The park ranks first in China in the number of bamboo.

Beijing Purple Bamboo Park

Purple Bamboo Park mainly consists of three lakes and two isles. A large lake is on the western side, with a vast water area for visitors to ride boats. Two small lakes on the eastern side mainly grow lotus flowers, known as the south and north lotus ponds. The main scenic spots in the park include the Fuyin Purple Bamboo Garden on the northern bank of the large lake, the waterside pavilion on the northeastern bank, and “Pure Blue Mountain Villa” on the southern bank. In 1986, an exquisite garden named Bamboo and Rock Garden was constructed in the north of the park. The Bamboo and Rock Garden is a world of bamboo, consisting bamboo valleys, pavilions, forests and gores.

Yuyuantan Park

On the western side of Sanlihe in Haidian District, Yuyuantan Park is adjacent to Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, China Millennium Monument, CCTV Tower, and Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, with an area of 1.4 million square meters.

Beijing Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan Park is mainly composed of Sakura Park, Yinshui Lake, Zhongshan Island and Spring Lingering Garden, which separately form the western, northern, southern and eastern part of the park. On the northern bank of the West Lake grow over 3,000 sakura trees, forming the largest sakura garden in Beijing. The Sakura Show is held every year in the Park. In Spring, when sakura flowers are in full bloom, people from all parts of Beijing come to the park to appreciate beautiful flowers.

Taoranting Park

Built in 1952, the Taoranting Park lies to the south of Taoranting Road in Xicheng District. It covers a total area of 565,600 square meters, including a water area of 161,500 square meters. The park is named after Taoran Pavilion, and features various kinds of pavilions.

Beijing Taoranting Park

Taoran Pavilion is one of the four famous pavilions in China. Constructed in 1695 during the Qing Dynasty, it used to be a place where men of letters in the capital wrote articles, composed poems and drew paintings. In 1985 the “Garden of Famous Chinese Pavilions” was constructed in the park. The garden includes 10 famous pavilions, such as “Only Awakening Pavilion” to commemorate Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet, “Two Spring Pavilion” in the imitation of a famous pavilion in Wuxi, and “Sister Pavilions” resembling that by the Sun and Moon Pool. Now Taoranting Park has 36 pavilions, hence an ideal place for you to appreciate Chinese pavilions.

Chaoyang Park

First constructed in 1984, Chaoyang Park was originally called Shuiduizi Park. Now it is situated in the flourishing area in the middle section of Chaoyang District, Beijing. It is 2.8 km from south to north and about 1.5 km from east to west. Of its total area of 288.7 hectares, the water area takes up 68.2 hectares; and the coverage of green lands comes to 87 percent. It is the largest urban park within the fourth ring road of Beijing. During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the beach volleyball contests were held here.

Beijing Chaoyao Park

Chaoyang Park includes over 20 scenic spots, such as the Woods with the Trees, Esperanto Woods, International Friendship Forest, Water Sightseeing Zone, Happy Songs of Green Lawns, Life Source, etc. Located in the bustling area of Beijing, Chaoyang Park is a rarely-seen leisure and recreational venue because of its favorable natural conditions, green lands and a vast water area.

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