Beijing in April: The Best Places to Welcome Spring

Spring in Beijing always sneaks up, and it’ll be gone again even before you know. It usually feels like as soon as we take off our winter coats the heat of summer is already here. But, spring is really a wonderful time in Beijing (no matter how short it may be), why not taking advantage of the nice weather to get outside? Want to know the best places for a day out in Beijing in April? Follow me and I will show you the places that offer the best of the spring in Beijing…


Yuyuantan Park—Admire the Cherry Blossoms

April is the best time of the year to visit Yuyuantan to see cherries. Yuyuantan’s 2013 Cherry Blossom Festival started on March 23 and is expected to continue until the end of April. From now through April, nearly 2000 plants of more than 20 varieties of cherries will bloom. Apart from this,the park has more than 30,000 strains of geraniums, pansies and chrysanthemums as well as tulips newly planted in last fall. More than 20,000 strains of daffodils and other flower bulbs will also greet you. Different areas of the park will bloom at different times, depending on the flowers.

Yuyuantan Park also has around 300 boats of different styles which visitors can rent for a leisurely paddle around the lake.

Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Viewing Information

Best viewing period:End of March-End of April

Opening hours:March:6:30-19:00  April:6:00-20:30

Tickets:Normal tickets 10 RMB,Half Price 5RMB,year passes、seasonal passes、monthly passes、seniors with ID get discounts,but not on weekends or holidays(Qingming Festival on April 4-6) 9:00-16:00

Address:Beijing Haidian District, Xisanhuan Zhonglu No. 10(across from the Central TV tower)



South Gate:Bus 1、4 to Daliang Chang’anjie,or the subway to Junbo station,then the Shijitan

North Entrance North Gate:Bus 121、846、37 to Mashenmiao or Baiduzi stop

West Gate:Bus 300、323、374,or Te 8 (South to North:Bayihubei stop,North to South:Fuchenglu stop)

East Gate:Bus 320、114(trolleybus)、717、727 to Yuyuantan stop


Enjoy Peach Blossoms at the Botanical Garden

The Beijing Botanical Garden is one of the country’s top gardens for the cultivating and viewing of peach varieties. Every spring you can see over 10,000 blossoms of 70 kinds of peaches here, including crimson peaches, longevity peaches and chrysanthemum peaches. The beautiful blossoming peach flowers of every color are sure to enchant you.

The Beijing Botanical Garden’s annual Peach Blossom Festival is one of the top spring destinations for enjoying flowers. Peach blossoms are a symbol of love, and in the reawakening of early spring it’s a nice place to go with your sweetheart.

After the spring equinox, the garden’s early magnolia blossoms and hickories are already in bloom as well as the flowers at the Reclining Buddha Temple and those north of the Science Building.

Botanical Garden Visitor Information

Best visiting time:End of March-Beginning of May

The 25th Peach Blossom Festival:March 28- May 5,

Tickets:Main gate:5 RMB(students 2.5 RMB);Big Greenhouse:50RMB(students 40RMB);Reclining Buddha Temple:5RMB;Through ticket:50RMB(Students 40 RMB)

Opening hours:Botanical Garden:6:00-20:00 Greenhouses:8:00-16:30 Reclining Buddha Temple:8:00-16:00 Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall:8:30-16:30

Address:Haidian District Xiangshan Wofosi Road



1、Bus 331、563、696、Yuntong 112 to Beijing Zhiwuyuan stop,to or Wofosi stop,or Bus 360、318、714、698 to Zhiwuyuan stop then walk north 200 meters;

2、Subway Line 1 to Pingguoyuan station then Bus 318,Subway Line 2 to Xizhimen station Exit D then Bus 563;

3、Driving Directions Fifth Ring Road:Take the Xiangshan exit,at the Xiangquan roundabout head towards Xiangshan 300 meters. Fourth Ring Road:At the Xiangshan exit,drive towards Xiangshan for about 10 minutes.Third Ring Road:At Suzhouqiao exit go north and take Wanquanhe Highway,then take the North Fifth Ring Road.

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