Beijing Festivals & Events

Temple Fairs in BeijingBeijing Temple Fair

Time: January to February (During the Spring Festival)

Venue: Changdian, Baiyun Monastery and Dongyue Temple etc.

Main activities: Most of the temple fairs in Beijing attract numerous visitors with various kinds of folk artistic performances, local snacks and folk arts and crafts. People can participate in various kinds of folk activities at the temple fair such as Yangge dance, walking on stilts, riding a land boat (a model boat used as a stage prop in some folk dance), performing Lion Dance, and beating gongs and drums.

Longqingxia Gorge Ice Lantern Festival Beijing Longqingxia Gorge Ice Lantern Festival

Time: Mid-January to the end of February

Venue: Longqingxia Gorge, Yanqing County

Main activities: Exquisite ice, snow sculptures and decorative lanterns in various shapes, singing and dancing performances with the Inner Mongolian flavor, Chinese folk performance and bullfight, sedan chair riding, guessing lantern riddles, setting off fireworks and tasting Chinese local snacks.

Maple Tree Leaves Festival at the Fragrant Hills Park Beijing Xiangshan Maple Tree Leaves Festival

Time: Late October

Venue: Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Park)

Main activities: Admiring maple tree leaves, as well as mountain-climbing competition, theatrical art performance, poem writing and painting, music tea saloon, and exhibitions of ikebana works, fruit bonsai and rare stones.

Beijing Chrysanthemum Show Beijing Chrysanthemum Show

Time: Late September to early November

Venue: Beijing Botanical Garden, Beihai Park, etc.

Main activities: A great number of chrysanthemums in different varieties are on display; and an assessment is held for selecting the best chrysanthemum. It is a grand event for people to appreciate beautiful chrysanthemums.

Beijing International Tourism Festival Beijing International Tourism Festival

Time: The last week of September every year

Venue: The venue is not fixed.

Main activities: The main activities include the opening ceremony, the grand parade of performers in their holiday best, a get-together of the Chinese and foreign people, the tourism consulting meeting, cultural tours with special subjects, and so on.

Beijing Strawberry Music Festival Beijing Strawberry Music Festival

Time: Late April to early May

Venue: Tongzhou Grand Canal Park

Main activities: Various kinds of carnivalesque musical performance and so on.

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