Beijing Bird Watching: Hanshiqiao Wetland Park

In this season of rebirth, bird lovers are finally able to resume their favorite hobby. Beijing’s resident birds that toughed it through the winter are active once more; nests are full of recently hatched chicks; large numbers of migratory birds are returning north… Take advantage of the good weather over the weekend – go birdwatching!

Hanshiqiao Wetland Park opened on March 15.  This year Hanshiqiao has added the viewing platforms and science education facilities and expanded and renovated the boat dock. They have also improved the wetland species identification system and increased the number of science displays so that visitors can learn more about this unique habitat. This year Hanshiqiao Wetland Nature Reserve has also launched an adopt-a-tree promotion, where organizations or individuals who adopt trees are listed on an honorary plaque.

In March and April, the wetlands will receive batch after batch of migratory birds from afar. This large reedy swamp is full of activity. Large swans, herons, gull and other migratory birds cheerfully swoop and caw, relax quietly by the water, or forage in the mud. This year’s first batch of large swans has already returned. Their elegant posture is a welcome sight for birdwatchers and photographers.

The best place to spot birds is undoubtedly the Birdwatching Pavilion. Birds can be observed through video, binoculars and sample specimens here. Walking on the island or boating around it, you’ll see ducks and heron leisurely swimming–sometimes in small groups, sometimes in pairs. The best way to see them is to quietly watch from a distance of about 5-6 meters- if you get any closer you’ll scare them away.



Address: Yangzhen, Shunyi District, Beijing.


Transportation:Bus 918(Dongzhimen—Sanyuanqiao—Shunyi District—Nancai then Bus 18 to Shaziying)

Driving:Sanyuanqiao—Airport Expressway—Airport Southern Line—Beijing Pinggu Highway—Muyanlu Exit—Go straight in the Beiwu direction for 8 kilometers






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