Beihai Shopping Guide

Beihai is a famous seaside city in the south of Guangxi. It is located on the north shore of the Beibu Gulf (or Gulf of Tonkin), hence named Beihai which means “north of the sea” in Chinese. With three sides surrounded by sea, Beihai is featured by rich sunshine throughout the year, sufficient rainfall, mild climate, lush vegetation and beautiful scenery. It is crowned as “China’s largest city oxygen bar”. Beautiful land in Beihai provides favorable conditions for the growth of local products, including pearls, shell carving, horn carving and bamboo weaving, sea products, as well as subtropical fruits, and so on.

Hepu Pearl (Southern Pearl)

In Beihai, pearls are the most famous local products. The local produced Hepu Pearl is also called as “Southern Pearl” (Nanzhu in Chinese). With a history of more than 2,000 years for pearl producing and processing, Beihai is famous for its Southern Pearl, which is perfectly round, sparkling and crystal-clear with lasting luster. The Southern Pearl has dominated the world market. It is often said that “the western pearl is better than the eastern pearl, while the southern pearl is better than the western pearl”.

Beihai Shopping Guide-Southern Pearl

Shell Carving

Beihai is abundant in resources of shells, which have a wide variety with pure texture and gorgeous color. As the main raw materials, shells are made into handicraft products in a traditional Chinese style, with exquisite carving. Beihai shell carvings are made of first-class shells. There are over one hundred assortments, including figure paintings, flower-and-bird paintings, traditional Chinese paintings of mountains and waters, paintings or screens of still life, and all kinds of small and exquisite souvenirs in vogue, and so on. They are worth collecting and can be used for interior decorations, furnishings or gifts.

Beihai Shopping Guide-Shell Carving

Dried Seafood

Facing North Bay Fishery, one of China’s four largest fisheries, Beihai is rich in marine fish resources and has a variety of dried seafood and flavor food made of dried seafood. The main dried seafood specialties include hippocampus, sea cucumber, scallop, abalone, shark fin, sand worm, grouper, blue crab, scylla serrata, cuttlefish, oyster, prawn, and other kinds of shellfishes. Optimal shopping places for dried seafood: Waisha Dried Seafood Market and Yunnan Road Aquatic Market.


Located in subtropical zone, Beihai has litchi, longan, mango, carambola, pineapple, banana, orange, and other varieties of subtropical fruits throughout the year.

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