Badaguan: One of China’s Five Most Beautiful City Zones

Badaguan Scenic Area, located in the east of Qingdao city, Shandong Province, is one of China’s five most beautiful city zones.

Lying between Taiping and Huiquan Cape, Badaguan faces the rippling tides of Taiping Bay to the south and the sands of Bathing Beach No. 3 to the east. Each of the eight intersecting roads in the area is named after one of the eight great passes of the Great Wall, hence the name Badaguan (Eight Great Passes).

Scattered among the coastal flora and fauna, along with many varieties of trees such as peaches, crab-apples, pine trees and ginkgoes, are more than 200 villas in exotic styles of 25 countries. That’s why Badaguan is also reputed as the “World Architecture Museum”, and this scenic area is sometimes referred to as “little Switzerland”.

The streets and roads up and down according to the geographic conditions are lined by trees and each street is lined with its own distinct species of tree. The flowers bloom in different season, which gives this area another beautiful name – “Hua Jie” which means a “flowery area”. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy a spectacle of enchanting flowers, and in the autumn and winter, there is an awe-inspiring display of colorful maple leaves.

Photos taken on May 10, 2013 show the beautiful scenery of the Badaguan Scenic Area.





Getting there: Take bus No. 15, 26, 31, 202, 212, 223, 228, 304, 311, 316, 321, 501 and 801.

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