Backyard Travel Releases New China Tour: Enticing Eastern China

Backyard Travel, Asia’s most innovative tailor-made tour company, today released news of a new tour to the Eastern region of China, visiting Shanghai and its surrounding provinces. The Enticing Eastern China tour allows travelers the opportunity to discover scenic areas like the West Lake in Hangzhou and towns such as Suzhou, often dubbed ‘Venice of the East’, as well as the chance study some of China’s ancient art forms.

The ten-day, nine-night China tour begins in Shanghai, allowing travelers to become acclimatized to the East as they explore a part of modern China, with sky bars and skyscrapers.

The tour then heads to Suzhou, a town often compared to Venice because of its picturesque canals and stone bridges, where travelers can take the opportunity to explore the cobbled streets and complex canal network by bike before taking a break to learn about the art of penjing (otherwise known as bonsai) through a chat with a local expert.

From Suzhou the tour moves through Wuzhen then on to Hangzhou, a town Marco Polo described as “Heaven on Earth”. Again travelers will be given the chance to explore the area by bike, tracing the perimeter of the picturesque West Lake and romantic Quyuan Gardens.

The tailor-made China tour then visits the absorbing architecture of Wannan before moving on to Xidi and Hongcun, two towns listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The town of Hongcun is one of the best functional examples of the art of fengshui, and was deliberately constructed in the shape of a buffalo – the perfect place to comprehend the art form in all its glory.

The tour then pays visit to Huangshan, also known as the Yellow Mountains, where Backyard Travelers will spend the night at the summit before descending the following morning to a hot spring that was used as a bathing area by emperors of yesteryear.

The exploration of China’s Eastern provinces then moves to Nanjing, the capital of the Jiangsu Province, recognized as one of the ‘Four Great Ancient Capitals of China’. While in Nanjing, travelers will be able to take in the Xuanwu Park, still partially surrounded by the Nanjing Battlements, before heading back to Shanghai to end the scenic Eastern China adventure.

“Eastern China contains some of the most breathtaking scenic areas of Asia,” said Backyard Travel’s General Manager Maeve Nolan. “This China tour allows the opportunity for travelers to learn about some of the ancient Chinese arts, including fengshui, penjing (also known as bonsai) and Chinese Medicine, while also taking in some of the most picturesque provinces in China, moving from the futuristic Shanghai to ancient regions such as Xidi and Hongcun in the Anhui Province.”

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