Art Activities in Beijing

As the nation’s capital and cultural center, Beijing stages many large cultural activities all year long. These activities include many excellent performing arts groups and events, offering you access to high-level artistic experiences.

Art Activities in Beijing-Beijing International Film Festival 2013

Beijing International Film Festival

The Beijing International Film Festival, sponsored by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, is regarded as a gala in world film circles. The festival is one of Beijing’s important cultural activities, assisting the efforts of making Beijing a world city with Chinese characteristics, also a core activity in Beijing’s design to become “an oriental film capital”. The first Beijing International Film Festival was held in 2011.

Meet in Beijing Arts Festival

The “Meet in Beijing Arts Festival” is a large international festival hosted by China’s Ministry of Culture, the Beijing Municipal Government and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The festival was inaugurated in 2000 with the purpose of promoting the Chinese traditional culture and bringing the best of foreign performing arts and other visual arts into China.

The Meet in Beijing Arts Festival is held each year even though themes vary, providing a stage for Chinese and foreign artists. During the festival, combinations of indoor and outdoor and professional and amateur performances including symphonic, folk and popular music and all other vocal music performances are staged, catering both the traditional and popular tastes. Folk arts are also represented by circuses, shadow puppet shows and handicrafts exhibitions. Painting, sculptures, architecture and photography, folk dances, ballets, modern and ballroom dance, western operas, Chinese operas and drama performances all have a place in the festival.

Beijing International Drama and Dance Performance Season and Beijing International Music Festival

The Beijing International Drama and Dance Performance Season and the Beijing International Music Festival are important channels for communication between domestic and foreign dramatic and dance artists and producers, and serve as widely recognized cultural calling cards for the city. Held on an annual base, the festivals bring some international classical performances to Beijing that the Chinese long to see and hear.

Beijing International Tourism Festival

Initiated in 1998, the Beijing International Tourism Festival is held annually at mid-year, attracting visitors to Beijing with large fashion shows, artistic performances integrating Chinese and western cultures and international tourism information consultancy and exhibitions.

China International Fashion Week

The China International Fashion Week is a fashion-related event for unveiling the most recent creations of top world and Chinese fashion designers and brands and their clothing, jewelry, make-up and design technologies. It is held twice a year in Beijing: on March 25-31 and October 25-31. Initiated in 1997, it has become a fashion platform with international influence and has staged more than 510 fashion-brand launchings and more than 60 special competitions.

Beijing Pop Music Festival (Chaoyang Pop Music Week)

Held in Chaoyang Park, the Beijing Pop Music Festival (Chaoyang Pop Music Week) is regarded as the nation’s largest, most festive musical gathering, featuring all types of popular music and the most powerful musicians in live performances. Its stage is the 10,000-seat square in Chaoyang Park.

China (Beijing) International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo (ICCIE)

The ICCIE, initiated in 2006, is one of the largest cultural and creative industrial events in China. Held in the later part of each year, it serves as a platform for cultural and creative industry-related information exchanges, product trading and project cooperation, showcasing China’s rich cultural resources, development environment and market potential with exhibitions of the latest innovative products and fairs of traditional special products from every province of the nation.

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